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We build, you build.  Your choice.

At Optimised Software, we’re here to get a site up and running from start to end, we can get out of your way so you can develop a site, or we can give you some help when you need it.  It’s your choice.  Our competitive prices let you literally build a package that suits your needs. 

Here’s how it works.  In addition to the setup fee, you can purchase as many pages up front as you like for the $30/page fee.  We can then build those when you’re ready to use them.  You won’t lose them if you don’t use them.  E.g. If you buy a package of seven pages up-front and only use five, we will build the additional two at no cost when you’re ready.  If you buy a package of seven, use them all, and then request we build an additional two, you will be charged the hourly support rate.  As part of the $30 monthly fee, we give you an hours support that’s charged in 15 minutes blocks.

Contact us through our contact form and let's see what we can do for you.

Website Pricing Schedule

Setup Fee

Includes hosting, domain name, and two e-mail accounts. 
[email protected] & yo[email protected]


Monthly Fee

Includes one hour free support; calculated in 15 minute blocks

$30 / month

Build Fee—Simple Page

At least one page is required, but you can purchase as many pages up-front as you like.   No charge for the pages you build.

$30 / page

Build Fee—Complex Page

Quote Basis

Hourly Support

$70 / Hour

Logo Design


Additional E-Mail Accounts

$3 / account / month